Triple fruits to show the Juice of Gnana


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Triple fruits to show the Juice of Gnana

There is a vision in which some fruits are consumed in the same condition in which they are plucked from the trees. Some other fruits the outer covering is removed and then consumed.

There is a jack fruit in which the thorny top part is to be removed first, the fleshy portion is to be opened the sweet portion is to be taken out and after removing the seeds the sweet fruit is eaten.

We enjoy the words of our elders who have said about the triple fruits the mango, plantain and jack fruit.

We keep these fruits and pray. We eat the mango fruit as it is and consume the flesh of the fruit and throw away the seed.

In plantain fruit we remove the outer cover and eat the rest of the portion as it is.

To eat the jack fruit we have to perform several operations.

All the three fruts have got taste but to eat each has got its own way to be followed. These three fruits have been named to impress upon following the truths.

We have to make the Gnana of our soul to proceed in the path of pooja with bhakti as mango fruit enjoy in worship and rejecting the rest as the seed of mango.

We should remove the various states that are surrounding us like the outer covering of a plantain fruit and consume only the path of Gnana and discard many atoms that are mixed with us like the thorns of jack fruit and not thinking of fleshy state enjoy the sweet portion after removing the seed opposition in it.

In Spiritual path we should not find fault or get disgusted with any soul


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In Spiritual path we should not find fault or get disgusted with any soul

The state of Divine Light by one person will not be the same as another. Each body will proceed in the way in which it sows its seed for the spiritual progress of its acidic characters.

If two persons in different places sow the same kind of paddy seeds, the growth of their plants and their yield will depend upon the soil of the place, water, climate and the growth of the thoughts of the persons.

When the paddy grown in one field is sown in different places the output and tastes differ. In the same way the light of Gnana will shine according to the ways in which it is absorbed and worked out.

Taking one person’s state as a standard, other’s state should not be reckoned as low or high.

All the people who have proceeded in the path of Gnana, after they get Salvation and attain the state of Sabdha rishis act only in the circle in which they have grown with their acidity and character.

The way in which one person worships will not be same as another person does. The way in which one person proceeds in Gnana will not be the same as another does.

Even after getting the state Sabdha rishis one will not be like another; one planet that rotates will not be like another.

We should realize that one lives with the powers of another and all the powers come from the Almighty – Nature. We should not find fault or get disgusted with any soul.

Grow your Gnana in the way in which you have grown your acid power which is most active in you. As our elders have said we will reap only what we have sown.

Divine Paddling


Divine paddle

There is  a vision in which is seen a bank of river in which there is a boat and paddle. We get into the boat and to cross the river and go to the other bank.

The boatman does not allow the boat to go along the stream, but by paddling he moves the boat across the stream and we reach the other bank  and get down from the boat.

Just like the above we, who are born by the attachment to this world, to cross the river of the life and get to the other bank have to paddle against the stream of life and go to the divine world.

If the boat in which we have to travel and the ability of the boatman are good, our travel becomes easy. If the cage our body is healthy and the soul in a state in which it has good thoughts like a good boat the life will be like the ability of the boatman and the mutual relationship between the two life mates.

When the boat is in good and the boatman is an able person then the journey is easy. We will come across several obstacles in our path and we have to overcome them like paddling against the flow of the stream and then reach the other bank.

We cannot go in the path in which the boat moves by itself. The water will drag the boat in its course.

Whatever comes to us let them come as they are given to us by God and he will look to us. This way of thinking is like allowing the boat to go in the way in which it stream takes it.

Whatever difficult state may happen we should not proceed in that way but use our strength and get over them like paddling up stream and it is only then that our life will be good.

The birth that we have taken now is due to our defects that we had not overcome in our previous birth. By other bank it is meant that the path of Gnana and enlightenment which we should know and follow.

Gnana is not for us only, it is for all



Gnana is not for us only, it is for all

In this world which is in vapour, with the power of sound light and water several treasures like gold forms and other states are created.

In the same way the thoughts of the human souls mix and by the breath they take many states are happening.

All beings are from sound light and water in the form of vapour. When the water is mixed with milk or oil it does not show its state separately.

In the same way as water is mixed in all things God’s power is mixed in all. Even when our thoughts are mixed with all things we should get our Gnana being all in all.

Even after getting Gnana when one gets the state of the self the Gnana will not act. Gnana is not for us only.

Realizing that our Gnana is meant for making others get Gnana, the power of Gnana should be like water.

Balanced state


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Balanced state

If we want fulfillment of our life we have to get Gnana and Super human powers and go into the subtle states. Then only the life-atom will not have another birth.

The soul that has gone out of the body cannot attain any power.

It is by the power of Gnana that we can save ourself from the attacks of several atoms that have entered into the body. No Sabdha Rishi or Sage will help a soul which has not entered into the path of Gnana.

To get into the attraction of Gnana we should have the power to convert all the twelve kinds of acidity in us to our state in a moment.

Then only we will be able to see the light of Gnana in us. People may think as to why  we should trouble ourself to get into this state?

But this is the only way to get redemption for our life-atom. By mere bhakti, praying to God for washing our sins we cannot see the Divine Light of Gnana.

Unless we have control over our life-atom , do not become a slave for anything , but remain in a balanced state, it is difficult to enter the path of Gnana. Gnana can be obtained only when the soul is in the human body.

In our further births we should not get into the bodies of animals. We should not be caught in the grip of any of numerous souls that are wandering  in the spirit world without bodies.

Oh Human Souls, make your thoughts yours, be in a balanced state uphold truth, love and righteousness and make yourself fit to get enlightenment and enter the subtle state.

Super human powers


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Super human powers

It is the same man that becomes God, angel and also devil the God of death. The one who has good thoughts in him absorbs good acidity becomes a God and the one who has bad thoughts and absorbs bad acidity becomes a devil.

Nature sees and laughs at the produce grown in different states, out of the seeds sown by it. Nature sows the same kind of seed and seeing the produce got out of them it goes on sowing further and further.

It takes the good produce and sows again the bad ones at a certain time. Now this is a time it picks up the good products which it likes.

It goes on selecting the good ones rejecting the others to grow again. We should realize this and go in the right path of love and gnana and not be caught in the net of the devils.

So if we use the acid power in us in the path of gnana so that we can get super human powers. When the power in that path increases the other acid powers in us will also follow in the same path.

The quality of one will not change but will remain under the control of stronger power.

Acts of departed souls from bodies


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Acts of departed souls from bodies

Today in several parts of the earth we see some persons remembering about their previous life and giving the names of their father mother and other relations in that life.

How does this happen?

There are some people who are said to be haunted by some spirit or some devil has entered  into them. No devils comes and enters into any body.

The spirits in the spirit world to execute their wishes enter into the bodies of like minded persons and act. A soul without a body that has entered into  a body will leave the body only when the soul which belongs to that body leaves that body.

In some cases the soul without a body that enters into another body is more powerful than the original soul of that body and by over powering that soul exerts its influence.

In such cases we say a devil has entered into the body. The bodies into which such powerful souls have entered do not survive for a long time but have an early death.

At that time the original soul and the other soul separate. The second soul that had entered into the body forgets all about its previous birth as it has entered into another body.

It feels the relations of the body in which it has entered are its relations. No soul takes birth as long as its blood relations are alive.

When a soul which has entered another body and comes out of that body when that body dies takes rebirth in another womb it remembers about the life of the body in which it had entered in its previous life.

This is how some persons remember their relations in their previous birth. It is only some of the souls that had entered into another body and then taken a rebirth that are able to tell about previous births.

All the souls that enter into other bodies cannot take a rebirth. Only those souls that entered into other bodies with good thoughts and acted will be able to take another birth.