Triple fruits to show the Juice of Gnana

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Triple fruits to show the Juice of Gnana

There is a vision in which some fruits are consumed in the same condition in which they are plucked from the trees. Some other fruits the outer covering is removed and then consumed.

There is a jack fruit in which the thorny top part is to be removed first, the fleshy portion is to be opened the sweet portion is to be taken out and after removing the seeds the sweet fruit is eaten.

We enjoy the words of our elders who have said about the triple fruits the mango, plantain and jack fruit.

We keep these fruits and pray. We eat the mango fruit as it is and consume the flesh of the fruit and throw away the seed.

In plantain fruit we remove the outer cover and eat the rest of the portion as it is.

To eat the jack fruit we have to perform several operations.

All the three fruts have got taste but to eat each has got its own way to be followed. These three fruits have been named to impress upon following the truths.

We have to make the Gnana of our soul to proceed in the path of pooja with bhakti as mango fruit enjoy in worship and rejecting the rest as the seed of mango.

We should remove the various states that are surrounding us like the outer covering of a plantain fruit and consume only the path of Gnana and discard many atoms that are mixed with us like the thorns of jack fruit and not thinking of fleshy state enjoy the sweet portion after removing the seed opposition in it.

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