Balanced state

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Balanced state

If we want fulfillment of our life we have to get Gnana and Super human powers and go into the subtle states. Then only the life-atom will not have another birth.

The soul that has gone out of the body cannot attain any power.

It is by the power of Gnana that we can save ourself from the attacks of several atoms that have entered into the body. No Sabdha Rishi or Sage will help a soul which has not entered into the path of Gnana.

To get into the attraction of Gnana we should have the power to convert all the twelve kinds of acidity in us to our state in a moment.

Then only we will be able to see the light of Gnana in us. People may think as to why  we should trouble ourself to get into this state?

But this is the only way to get redemption for our life-atom. By mere bhakti, praying to God for washing our sins we cannot see the Divine Light of Gnana.

Unless we have control over our life-atom , do not become a slave for anything , but remain in a balanced state, it is difficult to enter the path of Gnana. Gnana can be obtained only when the soul is in the human body.

In our further births we should not get into the bodies of animals. We should not be caught in the grip of any of numerous souls that are wandering  in the spirit world without bodies.

Oh Human Souls, make your thoughts yours, be in a balanced state uphold truth, love and righteousness and make yourself fit to get enlightenment and enter the subtle state.

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