Get the ways for acquiring Treasures to raise the state of our soul

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Get the ways for acquiring Treasures to raise the state of our soul

To get the grace of God we should not become mad of “God is love.., and God is truth”. Otherwise it will be difficult to raise the state of our soul.

All our thoughts should be directed towards getting only the good thoughts that are mixed up with the various thoughts in this world.

It we discard some atoms as bad, hate them and get into a mad state thinking that I am good, it is difficult to raise the state of our soul.

We are telling get meditation and good feelings.

In the state in which we have lead our mixed thoughts, without our knowledge the waves resembling tha acidic characters of other persons come and strike us.

When the mistake committed by a person is pointed out the acidity of the person comes and strikes.

At that time the waves that have struck us and have been subdued by us are kindled by the waves of the other persons and we are made to speak with the same feelings.

What happen to the meditation that we have got…?

First of all we should not yield to the acidity of the word and thoughts of others.

When we have lived for a long time with our characters if one person comes and tells about another person the acidity of the word spoken by the person enters us we should not scatter our thoughts due to the state of words of the person telling us.

In the way to get spiritual elightenment, there are many states.

Every time we go to the state of taking our breath and to the state of giving out our breath is rubbing against the acidity of its thoughts.

Our Atma Gnana should realize this fact.

It is only when the principles that make us understand this state are realized that the soul rises to a higher state and the state of its power will rise.

The power that can make all the powers known, rests only with the souls of this world that know that the world constitute all things movable and immovable.

There is no power above the power of human soul. The state that makes this known is that the state of world and earth are increasing.

As the earth goes on rotating it absorbs several acid powers.

Several acids that are inside the earth have come out both by itself and by man who has sucked our several treasures from inside the earth as a result of which the surface is heavy while the inside has become weak.

In a very short time the earth is going to rectify its state by itself and what will be our state when it does so…?

Realize this and collect the acids that are required for our body (a planet) and give feed to our soul and form it by getting the ways of obtaining the treasures of Atma Gnana.

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