Our thoughts are to be directed towards the shining Souls

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Our thoughts are to be directed towards the shining Souls

The states which are told here is to prevent the souls from whirling in the cycle for a long time with the state of characters that they have acquired to get a state in which they can get a body which will enable them to become a God with an Intelligent soul in another world.

Once we mortgage our thoughts in the grip of the whirls of this world, to redeem the same, it will take several thousands of years.

If our life is shaped in a such a way that our thoughts are directed towards the shining souls that have the power of Gnana of the Almighty by our meditation, the breath that we take enters into the realm of their thoughts.

Then we merge with the Almighty and increase the power of our circle of light by the help of the Sapdha rishis who are in the subtle state in the form of Divine light.

Then during the change that is going to take place shortly we will merge with their state and get their form of action.

It is only after we change several forms that we come to the state in which we got a human body of intelligence.

We should not proceed in the present ways of Gnana in which we are now proceeding  which makes people who are caught in the artificial ways and make the people lazy.

On the other hand we should practice the Gnana of human beings and get the Gnana which leads to it.

To clean the dust in a mirror if we use a dirty cloth, the dirt on the cloth will adhere to the mirror.

It is only with a clean cloth that we will be able to remove the dust on the mirror.

Dirt cannot be removed by dirt. The dirt in our soul is to be removed by Meditation which is the Gnana of God. Then we will be able to see the beauty of our soul.

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