Where is the God whom we are talking…?


Where is the God whom we are talking…?

The state of life should be a calm one. That is a full life. Life is not chanting manthras on God being in one state and reach him.

Where is the God whom which we are talking?

The state of Almighty is one joining the other. When wind and water strike each other light is created. When sound and light strike each other then life is created.

The life starts breathing  only after it is acted upon by sound, light and water. As soon as it starts breathing the acidic characters strike on the life atom it starts absorbing and begins to rotate.

Like this it takes it path for its breath depending upon the absorbing power, the state of acidity in its character that it has gathered and by striking on the earth it takes the path of growth.

Any life atom does not get life unless it strike against each other, they become three four and many start rotating as planets and all the lives in the planet.

Where is God who is separate? What is the state that is obtained by remaining  calm in one state and during meditation?

The principle of the shining truth which has no end remains in the rotation. The growth of life in this rotation and striking against one another which forms in shapes and planets are the living beings.

There is no separate God. That which shines in everything and in everything is God.

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