Gnana is not for us only, it is for all


Gnana is not for us only, it is for all

In this world which is in vapour, with the power of sound light and water several treasures like gold forms and other states are created.

In the same way the thoughts of the human souls mix and by the breath they take many states are happening.

All beings are from sound light and water in the form of vapour. When the water is mixed with milk or oil it does not show its state separately.

In the same way as water is mixed in all things God’s power is mixed in all. Even when our thoughts are mixed with all things we should get our Gnana being all in all.

Even after getting Gnana when one gets the state of the self the Gnana will not act. Gnana is not for us only.

Realizing that our Gnana is meant for making others get Gnana, the power of Gnana should be like water.

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