Divine Paddling

Divine paddle

There is  a vision in which is seen a bank of river in which there is a boat and paddle. We get into the boat and to cross the river and go to the other bank.

The boatman does not allow the boat to go along the stream, but by paddling he moves the boat across the stream and we reach the other bank  and get down from the boat.

Just like the above we, who are born by the attachment to this world, to cross the river of the life and get to the other bank have to paddle against the stream of life and go to the divine world.

If the boat in which we have to travel and the ability of the boatman are good, our travel becomes easy. If the cage our body is healthy and the soul in a state in which it has good thoughts like a good boat the life will be like the ability of the boatman and the mutual relationship between the two life mates.

When the boat is in good and the boatman is an able person then the journey is easy. We will come across several obstacles in our path and we have to overcome them like paddling against the flow of the stream and then reach the other bank.

We cannot go in the path in which the boat moves by itself. The water will drag the boat in its course.

Whatever comes to us let them come as they are given to us by God and he will look to us. This way of thinking is like allowing the boat to go in the way in which it stream takes it.

Whatever difficult state may happen we should not proceed in that way but use our strength and get over them like paddling up stream and it is only then that our life will be good.

The birth that we have taken now is due to our defects that we had not overcome in our previous birth. By other bank it is meant that the path of Gnana and enlightenment which we should know and follow.

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