Acts of departed souls from bodies

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Acts of departed souls from bodies

Today in several parts of the earth we see some persons remembering about their previous life and giving the names of their father mother and other relations in that life.

How does this happen?

There are some people who are said to be haunted by some spirit or some devil has entered  into them. No devils comes and enters into any body.

The spirits in the spirit world to execute their wishes enter into the bodies of like minded persons and act. A soul without a body that has entered into  a body will leave the body only when the soul which belongs to that body leaves that body.

In some cases the soul without a body that enters into another body is more powerful than the original soul of that body and by over powering that soul exerts its influence.

In such cases we say a devil has entered into the body. The bodies into which such powerful souls have entered do not survive for a long time but have an early death.

At that time the original soul and the other soul separate. The second soul that had entered into the body forgets all about its previous birth as it has entered into another body.

It feels the relations of the body in which it has entered are its relations. No soul takes birth as long as its blood relations are alive.

When a soul which has entered another body and comes out of that body when that body dies takes rebirth in another womb it remembers about the life of the body in which it had entered in its previous life.

This is how some persons remember their relations in their previous birth. It is only some of the souls that had entered into another body and then taken a rebirth that are able to tell about previous births.

All the souls that enter into other bodies cannot take a rebirth. Only those souls that entered into other bodies with good thoughts and acted will be able to take another birth.

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