Super human powers

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Super human powers

It is the same man that becomes God, angel and also devil the God of death. The one who has good thoughts in him absorbs good acidity becomes a God and the one who has bad thoughts and absorbs bad acidity becomes a devil.

Nature sees and laughs at the produce grown in different states, out of the seeds sown by it. Nature sows the same kind of seed and seeing the produce got out of them it goes on sowing further and further.

It takes the good produce and sows again the bad ones at a certain time. Now this is a time it picks up the good products which it likes.

It goes on selecting the good ones rejecting the others to grow again. We should realize this and go in the right path of love and gnana and not be caught in the net of the devils.

So if we use the acid power in us in the path of gnana so that we can get super human powers. When the power in that path increases the other acid powers in us will also follow in the same path.

The quality of one will not change but will remain under the control of stronger power.

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